Short Hiatus

Hello to all my dear readers, thank you for your support thus far. I really appreciate having each and every one of you. Unfortunately, I will be going on a temporary hiatus as my grandma is critically ill and I’ll be juggling my time between internship and visiting her, which means that I won’t have much time to devote to my translation. That said, it’ll be a temporary hiatus and I fully intend to continue translating Aggrieved Fish Sprite and The Emperor is Expecting. I will try to get chapter 8 out by tomorrow, and then I’ll be going on hiatus. But I hope to be back soon! Thank you for your understanding.

PS: On a side note, has anyone read Seizing Dreams? It’s amazing. Absolutely mindblowing. I think it’s got to be my favourite alongside The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. Check it out if you haven’t!


Chapter 7Chapter 8


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