BL Newsletter #1

Lately I’ve been addicted to a Chinese BL visual novel 黑化徒弟养成攻略 (Raising My Blackened Disciple to Become a Husband) on 橙光, a website dedicated to visual novel games.

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From left: Luo Chen and Li Yuan

The story is based off the xianxia genre and its premise revolves around the idea of reincarnation. Much of it is centered on the master-disciple relationship between the gentle Luo Chen (a former supreme immortal) and the passionate Li Yuan (the former demon king) and their budding romance~

But of course, fate has many surprises in store for them and it’s a long and arduous journey before our star-crossed lovers can get their happily-ever-after. That said, there are other equally delectable characters who are also courting Luo Chen……

Overbearing & Sexy Peak Cultivator, Feng Xuan Yun
Loving & Affectionate Junior Disciple Brother, Chang Ming

Aren’t they gorgeous?? ♡ *squeal* If you can understand Chinese, do check it out!! The story and visuals are amazing (and so is the gameplay, the world building is very detailed) and it’s F2P for the first 25 chapters or so. Afterwards, it only costs 69 Yuan to unlock the rest of the game (currently it’s still ongoing at 102 chapters). Can’t wait to read more~~~