Chapter 5 [BFSS]

“Father, mother, Xiao Yu, I’m back.” Per Xiao Bao’s usual style, his voice could be heard even before he could be seen.

A group of people came out of the manor and sandwiched in the middle of a bunch of maidservants were the Jin Qian Sect’s Sect Leader and his wife.

“This young brat, you aren’t at home all day and once you leave, you’re gone for over a month. Why can’t you just be idle?” Master Jin smiled and lectured him from afar.

“Hehe, father, I know you miss me, so I hurried over.”

Xiao Bao headed over and took hold of his mother from a maidservant, saying in a coquettish manner, “Mother, I’m back. Did you miss me?”
Jin Zhao Shi gazed at her only child with pampering eyes, “How could I not miss you? If a day goes by without seeing you, mother will be worried.”

“Hehe, I brought back some beautiful embroidered satin for mother. Tomorrow, I’ll get them to use it to make some new clothes. Mother will look good wearing those clothes, mother looks good no matter what you wear.”

Jin Zhao Shi gave a wide smile, “This kid, you really know how to sweet talk.”

“Ai, where is Xiao Yu?”

“Oh, she’s taking an afternoon nap. Xiao Die already went to fetch her. Every day she keeps asking for her Gege, [1] if she hears that you’re back she’ll definitely come over immediately.”

Before she could finish speaking, a child’s clear voice could be heard from afar, “Xiao Bao Ge~~ Xiao Bao Ge~~ You’re back~~”

Xiao Bao turned around and saw a pale yellow-skinned little girl rushing over toward him. He picked the little girl up on impulse and swung her several times in the air until she was giggling with delight.

He gently kissed the soft pink cheeks, “Xiao Yu, did you miss your brother?”


“How much?”

Xiao Yu stared at him with her big sparkling eyes for two seconds, then smacked her lips against his face, “This much.”

Then someone began laughing in the background.

Xiao Bao hefted Xiao Yu up, “Xiao Yu, you’ve gotten a lot heavier.”

The small child pouted unhappily, “I’ve grown taller.”

“Did you grow taller or did you grow more meat? When I was ten years old, I was not as heavy as you, my chubby little girl hehe.” Xiao Bao pinched her soft face.

“You liar, look at how fat you are now, you were definitely fatter than me when you were young.”

“Aiya, this little girl, you dare to mock me, your older brother. Let me tell you, you’re definitely fatter than I was then, if you don’t believe me you can ask them.”

“I’m not fat, anyone who sees me will compliment my pretty looks.”
The people surrounding them began laughing again, especially Xiao Bao, he pretended to be unable to carry the little girl anymore and made as if he was about to drop her, giving her a scare and making her cry out.

The entire Jin Manor was filled with laughter, as long as Xiao Bao was there, the place would usually be very lively.

After dinner, Old Master Jin called Xiao Bao over to his study.

“Father, is something the matter?”

“En.” Over the years, Old Master Jin’s affluent lifestyle had brought with it a degree of nobility, so that one could no longer identify his bandit roots. As a person with asthma who has reached middle age, he was rotund, and his appearance was like that of a harmless businessman. Who would have thought that when this person was young, he was a fierce character who got to where he was by climbing atop the heads of his competitors.

Xiao Bao sat down, looking at his father’s waxy complexion, “Father, has your body gotten better lately?”

“Ai, it’s still the same old. Father has already reached this age and resigned to fate.”

“Don’t say that. Our family has money, father’s illness can definitely be cured. You should have received the medicinal ingredients that I got people to bring back two days ago.”

Old Master Jin nodded his head, he did not want to say any disheartening words in the face of his son’s filial piety.

“I asked you here to tell you about something regarding Xiao Yu.”
Xiao Bao’s expression turned into a rare solemn look, “Did someone come by to investigate again?”

“En, but I’ve already squashed all their efforts.”

Xiao Bao looked at Old Master Jin’s tired expression with some guilt, “Father, I’ve caused you to overwork yourself again, it’s all because I don’t think before I act.”

“What are you saying, now we already see Xiao Yu as our biological daughter, any matters concerning her concerns our entire Jin family.”

Xiao Bao was very touched.

Three years ago, when he brought Xiao Yu back to the Jin Manor covered in blood, his father and mother both strongly opposed to it, demanding that he send her away. However he insisted that a man must honour his word, since his old friend had entrusted her to him with his life, saying that he must keep her within the Jin Manor, because the child was left without any support, besides the Jin Manor, no one else could provide her with complete shelter.

For the first time in his life, Old Master Jin came into a serious conflict with his son. Previously, he always spoiled him and went along with his whims, but this concerned an important matter. Although Xiao Bao was young at that time, he wasn’t unaware of the resounding implications of Xiao Yu’s background and identity. If word were to be leaked, it was possible that the entire Jin Qian Sect would be finished, but if the child was to be sent away, she would definitely die.

At that time, the entire Jin Manor was in an uproar and it created a big ruckus. In the end, Old Master Jin and his wife finally compromised, they spent a big sum of money both within and without to seal off all the clues. Towards outsiders, they announced that they had adopted a daughter, and changed both her name and her surname, and sheltered Xiao Yu within the Jin Manor.

Xiao Yu, a little girl with skin as fair as powder and features that resembled carved jade, was not only intelligent but also very sensible at a young age. In addition, she had also gone through difficult life experiences, very soon, there wasn’t anyone in the entire Jin Manor from the Old Master and his wife down to the smallest attendant, who did not like her and spoil her.

“As long as our Jin family doesn’t fall, no one can touch my daughter. In this world, as long as I have money, it’s easy to get things done. It is nothing much, just requires spending more money. In another two to three years, no one will remember that incident. At that time, it will be safe. You won’t have to worry too much, but you must still be careful when you act.”


“Recently, I’ve been thinking about recruiting more highly-skilled Jianghu martial artists. Xiao Yu has grown up and can’t stay in the manor all day long, she’s always clamouring to go out, ai.”

“I happen to have the same thought. I’ll let the steward know.”

“En, then that’s all. You can take your leave and go rest… Well… by the way, you haven’t been home for three days since returning from Suzhou, everyone said that you brought back a stunning beauty with you. Is there such a thing?”

Xiao Bao suddenly regained his bashful smiling face, and said a little embarrassedly, “Father, you heard about it so quickly.”

Old Master Jin breathed heavily through his nose, “There is nothing within the Suzhou region that your old man is unaware of. You little pervert, you’ve never been able to resist beautiful women since young.”

“Hey hey, father this is different, I think my feelings for her are true.”

“Bullshit. True feelings? I’ve heard you say this to several girls since you were twelve years old.”

Xiao Bao’s face was bitter, “Father… Didn’t you keep badgering me to find a wife all day long. I just want to marry her, you’ll definitely be satisfied once you take a look at her. Even the ten top courtesans cannot compare to her beauty…”

“Psh. Aren’t there many beauties in the world? Have you lost your mind? That woman is of an unknown origin, and arrogant to boot. If she is willing to marry you, you dare to take her as your wife? Besides, the other party doesn’t want to see you at all.”

Xiao Bao’s pulled a long face, “Zhao Cai, Jin Bao, those two rascals…”

Old Master Jin sighed heavily. He had long since known that his son was impulsive, his brain wasn’t quick-witted enough, he had a weak temperament, he was emotional and frequently did stupid things. Not only was he unfit to be a businessman, he had already raised him for almost twenty years and still did not know what skill he was good at. He resembled no one, he didn’t possess his fierceness and decisiveness, nor did he inherit his mother’s cleverness. The only thing that left him with a peace of mind was that this child was still filial and kind. He did not know if his teachings have succeeded or failed, anyway the one who groomed him to become such a lazy, ignorant, idle good-for-nothing was indeed them, it was their fault. Fortunately, their family is rich, and they had only him this one son, it wouldn’t take much to raise him for an entire lifetime. Having a peaceful life is a blessing.

“That woman’s identity and background are unknown, and she was even involved in fighting and killing people. She definitely isn’t from any good origins and cannot be allowed to marry into our Jin family. If you really like her, then send someone to clearly investigate her. If her background is unclean, then it is absolutely impossible for her to be married in, understand?”

“Ai, got it.”

“Alright, alright, I know what you’re anxious about. Go do what you’re supposed to do.”

Xiao Bao left obediently, his thoughts filled with the various kinds of indifferent expressions that Huai En wore on her stunning face. Even so, they were all very charming.

Today the famous opera troupe from Huai Jing was holding their last performance in Suzhou. He had booked the best boxed seats at a high price, and was now getting ready to invite Huai En to accompany him. His heart leaped with excitement.


Translator’s Notes:
[1] (哥哥; Gege) = older brother


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