BL Newsletter #2

I want to introduce my latest obsession to everyone: the ultimate real life BL ship, my OTP, or as the Chinese say, the CP (couple) of every fujoshi’s dreams.

Honestly. I’m not even kidding.

Let me just begin by saying that throughout all these years (this is probably the 10th year) of being a hardcore BL/yaoi fangirl, I have never been the type to ship real life couples. The only exception was Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan after their roles in The Untamed, and now Ayanga (or in Mongolian, Ayunga) and Zheng Yun Long. And to me, they’re the best CP.

Zheng Yun Long (Left) and Ayanga (Right) at Cosmo Glam Night

I stumbled across them when I began watching Super Vocal, a 2018-2019 Chinese reality singing competition (which by the way is an absolutely fantastic show and I really recommend that you watch it and give it a chance).

Anyway, Ayanga (阿云嘎) and Zheng Yunlong (郑云龙) are both musical actors and participants in the show. Both have been friends since their university days when they were roommates and at the time of the show it was their 10th year of friendship. They are a HUGE ship in China and I can totally understand why. The friendship they have, the chemistry they share, how comfortable they are with each other reflects in their actions onscreen, and during interviews as well.

Zheng Yun Long singing in Super Vocal

´▽`)I love Yun Long’s voice, and did you see the way Ayanga was staring at him and smiling to himself? They’re super adorable and sweet!! Fun fact: they kissed once in a musical (titled Rent) that they both starred in while in university (Ayanga was in drag). That and hugging/ being in each other’s personal space/ staring into each other eyes are a pretty common sight between the both of them ♡♡♡ *squeal in happiness* Beyond that, you’ll grow to love them for who they are as well. I truly admire and respect them for their passion and dedication toward their craft, for having the courage to pursue their dreams even when the odds were stacked against them and for their beautiful relationship.

There is so much to love about this couple~~~

Here is one of my favourite fan-made video about the both of them:

ASDFGHJKL 2:37 slayed me ❤

If you want to read up more about them, you can visit this twitter thread. And if you are interested in watching Super Vocal, you can watch it subbed (in English) here.

Lastly, here’s one more incentive for you to jump into this ship with me (it is a song from the musical Rent which they played while in university, and which they sang in Super Vocal):

(Please excuse all the screaming fangirls in the background XD)

Ayanga: You’ll be my King, and I’ll be your castle
Yun Long: No, you be my queen, and I’ll be your moat

Ahhh, be still my beating heart.

Alright, let me know what you think in the comments section! And if you need more ship material, I’ll be happy to dish them all out~


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