Chapter 6 [TFHB]

Chapter 06: Ablaze Tsurumaru handed Mikazuki a wooden practice sword and he took his place opposite Kokaji in the middle of the dojo. They were not to actually harm each other in the duel and the winner would be decided when he demonstrated a killing blow or performed a move that would permanently take out [...]


Chapter 5 [TFHB]

Chapter 05: Sparks Inside, the courtyard was bustling with activity as people wandered about doing their chores. There was a far-off sound of swords clanging that Mikazuki assumed came from the knights of the Touken Danshi who were probably busy practicing with their blades. As they trotted in on their horses, more than once, they [...]

Chapter 4 [TFHB]

Chapter 04: Citadel “Would you like to join the Touken Danshi?” Tsurumaru asked. There was a beat of silence as two faces stared up at him blankly with seemingly no hint of understanding or comprehension. Tsurumaru propped his feet up onto the wall and continued to gaze at them patiently, waiting for the moment when [...]

Chapter 3 [TFHB]

Chapter 3: Invitation Sweat was beading down the leader's face and he positively trembled in fear. Not that Yasusada could blame him. The mischievous, playful Mikazuki from before was gone and replaced with a cold, expressionless beauty. He was utterly serious now. Only the barest hint of rage could be detected from behind those stunning [...]

Chapter 2 [TFHB]

Chapter 02: Flight or Fight Mikazuki sneaked in unnoticeably behind a group of well-clad young men, trying his best to blend in with them. Night had fallen while they were being chased all over the city by his guards and it looked like they might have finally given them the slip. Unlike the other parts [...]

Chapter 1 [TFHB]

Chapter 01: On the Run The city's marketplace was huge and lined with rows and rows of shops on both sides of the street, filling up every nook and cranny. Though not nearly as large as the one in the capital, it was still quite impressive, and the twisting and winding roads leading everywhere could [...]

BL Newsletter #2

I want to introduce my latest obsession to everyone: the ultimate real life BL ship, my OTP, or as the Chinese say, the CP (couple) of every fujoshi's dreams.Honestly. I'm not even kidding.Let me just begin by saying that throughout all these years (this is probably the 10th year) of being a hardcore BL/yaoi fangirl, [...]

Chapter 6 [BFSS]

A black shadow suddenly flashed past the window lattice under the moonlight, the movement as quick as an apparition. As soon as it entered the residence, the slender figure knelt down on one knee. “Young master, your subordinate has arrived late and resulted in the young master being injured. Please punish me.”The person lying on [...]

Chapter 1.2: Theft in the Palace

Early the next morning, Ji Yanran stared at the red jade carving hanging around his neck and hesitated, “This is……”Yun Yifeng replied, “I carved a figure of the Blood Lingzhi according to the description that Your Highness gave as a safety amulet.”Ji Yanran, “……”Yun Yifeng continued, “Even though it’s fake, I feel happy wearing it [...]