Chapter 5 [BFSS]

“Father, mother, Xiao Yu, I’m back.” Per Xiao Bao’s usual style, his voice could be heard even before he could be seen.A group of people came out of the manor and sandwiched in the middle of a bunch of maidservants were the Jin Qian Sect’s Sect Leader and his wife.“This young brat, you aren’t at [...]


Chapter 1.1: Theft in the Palace

Prologue. Zi [1] period, inside the palace.The white jade tower is opulent and imposing, a faint lustre radiated from the surface of the stupa [2].Amidst the still silence, a shadowy figure slipped into the imperial garden.A patrolling guard stopped in his tracks, his right hand falling toward his waist in vigilance. But before he could [...]

A Sword of Frost

Yi Jian Shuang Han 一剑霜寒by Yu Xiao Lan Shan 语笑阑珊       Novel Summary: Rumours are circulating throughout the kingdom that Prince Xiao [1], Ji Yanran, is highly skilled in martial arts, possessing an elegant and refined bearing.An esteemed royal descendant like this would definitely marry someone who is accomplished in the Four Arts [2], [...]

Chapter 12 [TEIE]

Hearing Yan Shi’s words, Yang Shi’s face flushed red first then turned ashen, but given his status, Yang Shi could only say a few words to please him, promising to discipline her children more in the future.Yan Shi didn’t intend to just let her off this lightly, “Of course it is necessary to discipline them, [...]

BL Newsletter #1

Lately I've been addicted to a Chinese BL visual novel 黑化徒弟养成攻略 (Raising My Blackened Disciple to Become a Husband) on 橙光, a website dedicated to visual novel games. From left: Luo Chen and Li Yuan The story is based off the xianxia genre and its premise revolves around the idea of reincarnation. Much of it [...]

Chapter 11 [TEIE]

“Pa!” Another sharp sound rang out. Not to mention those people in the garden, even Yan Shi did not expect Hua Xu to hit Hua Lu Yao.“Brother! Y-you, how could you hit me?” Hua Lu Yao was in disbelief, but it lacked the heat that was previously directed toward Hua Ling.“Apologize!” Hua Xu glared at [...]

Chapter 10 [TEIE]

“It’s no surprise that you don’t understand; you’re such a stupid fool, what could you possibly understand!” a young woman’s voice rang out through the garden, Yan Shi glanced in the direction of that voice and saw a beautiful young girl holding onto the hand of a seven or eight year old boy. Trailing behind [...]

Be Back Soon~

It's finally January 2020~!!! Happy (belated) New Year everyone!!! I hope 2019 was a fulfilling and meaningful year for all of you and that better things await you in 2020. Many things have happened in the past few months that I've been gone; I completed my exams, graduated, went for a graduation trip with friends [...]

Away on Hiatus

Hello, I really really really hate to be the bearer of bad news but... I'll probably be on hiatus for the next 2 months or so because currently I'm approaching the final weeks of my last semester in university, which means I've got a ton of assignment due dates followed swiftly by exams *cry* and [...]

Chapter 9 [TEIE]

“Then what about the people at the Ministry of Justice?” Jiang Qingyue who was following behind Yan Shi asked. “The cause of death is suicide.” Yan Shi replied. Jiang Qingyue naturally understood Yan Shi’s meaning. This Fatal Comet was responsible for the deaths of thirteen people, it wouldn’t be surprising even if he was killed [...]