Chapter 12 [TEIE]

Hearing Yan Shi’s words, Yang Shi’s face flushed red first then turned ashen, but given his status, Yang Shi could only say a few words to please him, promising to discipline her children more in the future.

Yan Shi didn’t intend to just let her off this lightly, “Of course it is necessary to discipline them, but they also have to be punished for what they have done just now. Otherwise how would they remember this lesson in the future?”

“Just now Xu’er [1] has already meted out the punishment, to copy《Ladies Virtue》and《Admonitions for Women》a hundred times. This should already be enough right?” Yang Shi continued, “I’ll get her to apologize to sister now.” Saying that, she made to leave.

“Hold on!” Yan Shi naturally would not let them leave just like that, his eyes swept up and down Hua Wei’s body, “ The young miss is being punished, but what about this young master?”

Yang Shi jolted and a venomous look flashed across her eyes, but when she looked at Yan Shi it had turned back to normal, “Wei’er is still young and doesn’t understand anything. Just let it slide this time.” She glanced at Hua Ling, hoping that he would come forward and plead on their behalf.

“Mother-in-law truly knows how to joke,” Yan Shi said, smiling gently. Like a cool breeze in the midst of summer, it was soothing and put one at ease. In a daze, Hua Ling did not notice the look that Yang Shi shot his way, “If minor faults are not corrected, it will eventually lead to serious mistakes. I’m also doing this for the sake of the young master. Moreover, the person whom he hit just now is this Prince’s Wangfei. If this matter were to reach father emperor’s ears, it would be difficult for you to give a proper explanation.”

To insult the Wangfei was tantamount to insulting the Prince, and insulting the prince was equivalent to insulting his father, the emperor. Although he wasn’t favoured, Yan Shi was still a prince. No matter how the emperor treated him, that was between him and the emperor, it did not give anyone the right to bully him. Yang Shi was naturally aware of this and her expression immediately changed. In her heart, she was aware that today Yan Shi was deliberately making things difficult for her. In the end she could only grit her teeth and commanded the maidservant next to her, “Carry out the punishment!”

Not long later, the maidservant came back with a wooden board [2] that appeared similar to a ruler but was a lot heavier.

Yang Shi hardened her heart as she stared at the wooden board, “Hua Wei disrespected his elder brother, he deserves to be hit……”

“Give him twenty strikes on the palm. After all, the young master has delicate skin, it won’t be good if his body was harmed because of this. It will be sufficient to hit his palm.” Yan Shi cut in after Yang Shi and continued, “Hand that wooden board to this Prince. This prince will personally execute the punishment less the maidservants in the residence are caught in a difficult position and dare not carry it out.”

Hua Wei was so frightened that he ran straight to Yang Shi’s arms and began bawling. His cries were akin to knife cutting into her heart, but Yang Shi was helpless and could not do anything about it.

Yan Shi held the wooden board in his hand, a faint smile on his face as he approached Hua Wei.

Yang Shi could not bear to watch her son be hit and she looked pleadingly at Hua Xu for help. Normally, Hua Xu’s relationship with Hua Ling was the best. If Hua Xu were to plead for leniency, even if this punishment was unavoidable, at least it might result in fewer hits.

Hua Xu immediately noticed his mother’s gaze and he returned it with a clear look. He swiftly pulled Hua Wei out from Yang Shi’s embrace and raised his two palms in front of Yan Shi. Since mother could not bear to have his little brother be beaten, he had to step in.

Hua Wei didn’t think that his own brother would actually do this, and he began crying harder.

Hua Xu looked at Yang Shi and said, “Mother, why don’t you bring younger sister over to apologize to our legitimate mother and leave little brother to me.”
Yang Shi thought for awhile and agreed with Hua Xu. Today’s trial was unavoidable; since she couldn’t bear to stay here and watch her son be hit, then it was better if she didn’t witness it. Thus she left with Hua Lu Yao and Hua Ling naturally went with them.

Hua Wei cried until he resembled a pig, but Yan Shi did not relent even the slightest with the wooden board in his hands, though he did not fully utilize his strength. After all, Yan Shi was a person who practices martial arts, if he used his full strength, Hua Wei’s hands would be rendered useless.

Hua Wei, who was in pain, cried while turning to look at his elder brother, but Hua Xu only patted his head, “I’ve told you before not to act so impudently, but you didn’t listen to me. Now you reap what you’ve sown. Just change your ways in the future!”

Hua Wei cried even harder.

When everything was settled, Yan Shi and Hua Ling returned to their carriage to head back to their residence. Until the moment they left, although Hua Qiancheng wore a smile on his face, but his expression was rather stiff. Of course, Hua Qiancheng was one of Prince Zhao’s courtiers and was not fond of Yan Shi. Now that Yan Shi had punished his son and daughter after only staying for a short period of time, if it were anyone else they wouldn’t be happy about it either.

But at this moment Yan Shi was extremely happy and Hua Ling was even happier.

“Gege, I’ve forgiven you.” Hua Ling, who was sitting in the carriage, suddenly spoked up.

Yan Shi was startled, then he recalled that on the way to the Kang Le residence because of their sleeping arrangements, he had offended his little Wangfei. But now, his little Wangfei intended to reconcile with him.

Yan Shi smiled, he really is like a child, getting angry quickly but also letting it go swiftly.

When they returned to the residence, Yan Shi claimed that he had matters to deal with and let Hua Ling head back to the Golden Sun Pavillion first to rest.
“Gege, quickly deal with your matters so you can visit me earlier.” Hua Ling kept turning his head back to look at him as he slowly walked away.

Yan Shi took a seat in the empty main hall and got Qing Ji to call Jiang Qingyue over. Not long later, Jiang Qingyue arrived.

“Qing Ji, describe what happened at the Kang Le residence today.” Previously at the Kang Le residence, Hua Ling was called away by Yang Shi. Yan Shi ordered Qing Ji to accompany Hua Ling but afterward, Qing Ji was nowhere to be found in the garden. Likely, it was because Yang Shi had used some excuse to get Qing Ji to leave.

As expected, Qing Ji said, “At the beginning, the duchess asked the Wangfei how has life in the Prince’s residence been, but Wangfei didn’t have a very good expression on her face and did not say much. So the duchess asked again, if he was not doing well in the Prince’s residence? Wangfei said that Wangye you treat him quite well, but everyone could see that he said it reluctantly, like a lady caught in a poor marriage who puts on a strong front because she is afraid of worrying her parents.”

Of course, Yan Shi knew why Hua Ling wasn’t in a good mood at that time, it was all because of the incident in the carriage. Yan Shi only briefly explained to Jiang Qingyue that he annoyed the Wangfei but did not state the reason.

“Wangfei is really simple-minded. If it were any other woman, no matter how dissatisfied they are with Wangye, they wouldn’t show it on their face, let alone be seen by their parents,” Jiang Qingyue said, “But this has also helped us. When Prince Zhao finds out that he is not on good terms with Your Highness, he would definitely regret walking on this path.”

“No,” Yan Shi said, “I’ve changed my mind.” Yan Shi narrated the incident in the garden again and expressed his idea of drawing Hua Ling to his side.

Jiang Qingyue listened and pondered for a long time, “This doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but now Your Highness has offended Duke Kang Le. I’m just afraid that Duke Kang Le will report this to Prince Zhao and Prince Zhao will get his people in the Ministry of Justice to stir up trouble for Your Highness.”

“It’s fine,” Yan Shi said, “If Prince Zhao truly wants me on his side, he’ll be in a hurry to show me his goodwill and wouldn’t cause trouble for me so easily. Even if he truly makes a move, there isn’t anything to be worried about. I’m more afraid of him not doing so. That said, now I want to trouble him. Qing Ji, go and spread the news that the Princess’s birth mother’s tablet was missing on the day of our marriage, and that the young lady insulted her legitimate mother and the little master disrespected his brother. You should know how to do it.”

Yan Shi had two purposes for doing this. Duke Kang Le was Prince Zhao’s right hand man, even though he couldn’t touch him now, he could still smear his name a little. The thing that the nobles cared most for was their face and reputation, and this matter is bound to reach the emperor’s ears. No matter how much of a heavy task it is to deal with Hua Qiancheng, he would slowly chip away at his defences.

“Wangfei is in a good mood?” As soon as Hua Ling entered Golden Sun Pavillion, Nanny Ya immediately noticed that he was smiling brighter than the sun and was curious. Naturally, she was aware that Hua Ling had gone back to his birth parents’ home, but logically, going back to the Kang Le residence wasn’t something to be happy about.

Hua Ling was in a hurry to share his joy so when Nanny Ya asked, it immediately opened the floodgates and he recounted how Yan Shi punished the people of the Hua family.

“I’m not trying to dim your enthusiasm, but I don’t think Wangye did it for you.” After listening, the older and wiser Nanny Ya came to such a conclusion.
Hua Ling who was sitting on a chair grabbed a handful of broad beans off the plate on the table and tossed them into the air, accurately catching them with his mouth. “You just can’t bear to see our loving relationship. I’ve said before, you should get married too.”

“I’m not getting married. I’m already half annoyed to death by you, if I gave birth to another like you, I’ll be angered into an early grave.” Nanny Ya said, sitting down next to Hua Ling.

Hua Ling hastily poured a cup of tea and raised it with both hands, respectfully offering it to Nanny Ya, “Nanny, please have some tea. Nanny you must be tired, you have worked hard.”

“Too garrulous.” Though she said that, the edge of Nanny Ya’s mouth couldn’t help but tilt upwards, she took the tea from Hua Ling’s hands and drank it.
After drinking the tea in the tea cup, she raised her head to look at Hua Ling. Her eyes were no longer filled with the teasing intent from before but replaced with love. She sighed softly, “It’s been hard on you, having to call that woman mother for so many years.”

“Nanny, why ruin a perfectly good atmosphere by mentioning such a sad thing.” Hearing Nanny Ya’s words, the smile on his face disappeared. “If we’re talking about hardship, you experienced the most hardship, staying with me all these years and pretending to be mute.”

“The Lady helped me once; I can never repay her kindness.” The Lady in Nanny Ya’s words was referring to Hua Ling’s birth mother.

The conversation stopped here, Hua Ling clenched his fists, “Rest assured, I’ll make them repay with interest everything that we’ve lost!”

Yan Shi and Jiang Qingyue continued their discussion until the sky had darkened, and even ate their dinner together. Now that he had decided to change his approach toward Hua Ling, Yan Shi thought that he should pick an appropriate time to better his relationship with Hua Ling. Of course, this had nothing to do with love.

There was still a distance before he reached Golden Sun Pavilion, but Yan Shi already spotted his Wangfei sitting on a small stool, head resting on both hands, staring into the distance.

“Why is Wangfei here?” Yan Shi asked as he approached.

Seeing that it was Yan Shi, a streak of light flashed across Hua Ling’s eyes. He stood up from the stool and ran toward him happily, “Gege, I was waiting for you.”


Translator’s Notes:
[1] (胥儿; Xu’er): Refers to Hua Xu. Toward those whom they are close to, the Chinese sometimes call them by their last name followed by an “er” as an affectionate and less formal way of addressing them.
[2] (尺子; Chi Zi): A wooden plank used for the purpose of punishment


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